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Yoga Workshops in Ebersberg, Kirchseeon, Zorneding and Munich

Sound Healing Meditation

Let yourself be carried away in this three-hour workshop by the magic of the sound of music and nature. It is proven that sound harmony accelerates the recovery and healing of diseases, helps to reduce stress, improves blood circulation, stimulates neurons and increases creativity. Through music we can find our center and our balance again.

In this workshop Horacio will play the hang, the drums and other percussion instruments to create the effects described.

We will also try a musical meditation of ancient Mexico with drums and visualizations. Certain mental images will be described so that the participants can project them in a concentrated and imaginative way.

Finally, we will explore the ability to find a personal rhythm that makes us resonate with nature creating a meditative state. We will develop a rhythm as a group and every participant will contribute playing an instrument. You can bring your own percussion instrument. Horacio will provide one in case that you do not have any.

Place: YogaBee

Heimeranstr. 49
80339 Munich

Date: 02.06.2019

Time: 1:00 - 4:00 pm

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Cello in der Natur
Sound Healing
Boot auf dem Meer
Tai Chi

Dance of the Dragon

Meditation in Movement for yogis and other athletes

The dragon in mythology is the combination of different animals, among others, of a snake, a bird and the tiger. In this workshop we will deal with movements that refer to these animals. We will also try techniques related to body movement. Among others we will gain insight in the traditions of Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Tao.

When we think about meditation, the image of a person sitting cross-legged with his eyes closed appears in our mind. This is just a passive or contemplative way to practice it. In the offered three-hour workshop we will get to know active ways of meditation.

As we will try different types of meditation, the participants can decide for themselves which is the best for their body. We will design the knowledge and the exercises so that participants can easily remember them. Thus, when the workshop is over, they can continue to meditate independently.

Being able to work in a small group allows personal support to answer individual questions or incorporate personal suggestions. The effects of different meditations are discussed, but they are also experienced.

Place: YogaBee

Heimeranstr. 49
80339 Munich

Date: To be defined


Dance of the Dragon
Letting Go

Letting go Meditation

Practical exercises

This meditation is ideal for those who want to let go the past and thus live in the present and open the door to a new future. Just as the trees say goodbye of their leaves in the right time and in a harmonious way, so we can let go the old to make space for the new.

In this three-hour workshop we will practice different techniques to free ourselves from the past. We will follow different steps and in different ways to leave behind experiences that anchor us and do not let us move forward. We can not change the past and it is not about forgetting the experiences that have marked us, it is about using those experiences in order to create a better present and a promising future.

We will practice different approaches that include writing, visualizing, relaxing and breathing to free ourselves from the past. Techniques such as Ho'ponopono (originally from Hawaii) or recapitulation (originally from Mexico) are scheduled. We will follow different steps and in different ways to leave the experiences that anchor us and do not allow us to move forward.

Necessary instruments: notebook and something to write.

Place: to be defined

Date: to be defined

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